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Sandra is a psychotherapist who has been treating eating disorders since the year 2000. Having recovered from her own battle with an eating disorder, she understands the thoughts, feelings and emotions that contribute to disordered eating and other related behaviors. 


After earning her M.A. in Psychology, Sandra was trained and supervised by Carolyn Costin, world-renowned therapist, author and founder of Monte Nido. 


Sandra has also been recognized for her many contributions to the eating disorder community. In 1999, she published ‘The Effect of School Environment on Eating Disorder Behavior of Adolescent Girls,’ and she has been featured on CNN and A&E’s 'Intervention' as the eating disorder expert. Most recently, Sandra authored the children’s book ‘Maddy Stays Yellow.’


Her goal, in working with all clients - whether they’re suffering from an eating disorder or anything else that is holding them back in life - is helping them find their authentic self. 


On the personal side, Sandra is a mother of four kids, including identical twins. She loves music and is a very talented singer. 

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